Terry W. Drake’s Book Collection

Ten of Terry W. Drake’s books combined in one website!

Terry W. Drake started his writing career by submitting a heartfelt book of poetry titled First Impressions. His poetry explores the wonders of human emotion and the various tragedies of life that shake our moral fiber. Explore the emotions of love and the need to find compassion for others. This book is designed to captivate the readers as they explore the human heart and uncover the essence of the soul.

Mr. Drake added to his poetic genius a life story of a Catholic priest caught up in the conflict of World War II. He named his four book series Father Damien's War. His first book in the series is Sanctuary where Father Damien struggles with a personal conflict with his belief in God and the human morality of protecting the ones you love during World War II. He reluctantly becomes a hero in Bergamo by organizing a group of seven young men to protect the town from German renegade soldiers who wish to loot the wealth of towns in the final days of the war.

Once Father Damien learns of his unique military talent he organizes his force of resistance fighters to help end the War in Italy in the second book of the series Restitution. He provides to the allies critical information and support against the German defenses. During daring raids on the German positions he learns about the wealth that has been accumulated by the German Army in the final days of the war. He becomes friends with a local government official who wishes to restore the art and treasures looted by the German occupation in Italy.

Through Father Damien's efforts to recover stolen art and wealth back to the citizens of Italy he learns that the Catholic Church is protecting and assisting war criminals in their escape to Argentina. The Dark Society is the third book in the series which discloses the close relationship he builds with Rodolfo Siviero and the United States Counter Intelligence Corp. He joins forces with Robert Mudd of the counterintelligence as a spy within the Vatican to bring war criminals to justice.

Father Damien illustrates his unique talents once again when his group takes on the criminals in hiding from the holocaust in the fourth book Father Damien's Revenge. Terry W. Drake’s gripping action adventure novels that star the Catholic priest finally finds its name: Father Damien’s War. This book brings the struggle of Father Damien's War to a dramatic conclusion.

Terry W. Drake goes on to write a different story which brings the conflict with the drug war in Mexico into full focus. The Bones of Geronimo is about two border patrol agents of Sierra Vista, Arizona, one of which is a descendant of Geronimo. These two agents experience the thrill of the chase to capture illegal aliens crossing the border at night. They have an outstanding arrest record for undocumented and illegal aliens in their joint portfolio. They make numerous excursions into the desert, and by campfire, Gerald Gerome Geronimo—otherwise called Jerry by his associate—tells stories of his great-grandfather, Chief Geronimo. The flashbacks to the Indian wars between the Mexican Army and the United States Army add flavor at points in the current events. The personal lives of these two ATF agents in Sierra Vista Arizona are shared to the delight of the reader.

Join Drake in the exciting discoveries of his lineage and stories/legends attributed to ancestors in The History of the Drake Family and the Times They Lived. Starting from Charlemagne’s time, the long ribbon of family history passes through the book like a beautiful multi-colored line and echoes with family participation in many historical events.

The History of the Wasinger Family and the Leikam Family and the Times They Lived is a genealogy study into the families that have married into the Drake family. This study includes the marriage of Earl Rothwell Drake to both Dorothy Leona Leikam and Wilma Munch Wasinger. The study traces their ancestry back to their origin in Russia and Germany. Particular interest and attention was focused on the Volga River region in Russia, where German immigrants founded their farming communities and the hardships they faced in migrating from Germany to Russia. It also identifies some of the political reasons that forced the German colonies to relocate to America from Russia. This book attempts to report the immigration of German-Russian families to Kansas and identifies the ships that they sailed on to immigrate to America. It describes world events that occurred during their lifetimes that had an effect on their existence. The study was developed from family data available to the author. It includes war records for selected individuals drafted into World War II.

The Midas Touch is a book about a loving father and dedicated husband, Willoughby Sinclair, who, through a car wreck that kills his son Kevin, suffers a head injury that sends him into a coma. After ten months in suspended animation, he awakens to find that his son had died, and his wife Katherine cheated on him. He also learns that he has acquired a fortune paid to him from the trucking company that caused the fatal accident. He discovers through time that he has developed a healing power that can be detected through his aura by few individuals who communicate to him with his gift. He learns that his gift is in high demand that starts a series of events that threaten his own life.

The History of the Walker Family and the Times They Lived traces the Walker family history from England to the original settlement of James Town in the Virginia Colony of America.

The House on Maple Street is a story in a poem about small children who explore their neighborhood and discover a haunted house. Their collective imagination brings a sense of reality home to Mom.