About the Author

Terry W. Drake

Terry W. Drake was born in a small town, Pittsburg, Kansas on July 20, 1948. He spent most of his childhood as most children do enjoying the next adventure. He attended Saint Mary’s Catholic school and fell in love several times. He was an altar boy and an eagle scout. He has been known to say, “Too bad the lessons I learned there did not rub off!”

Mr. Drake’s dad was a Master plumber with his own business and he was permitted to work alongside him when school attendance would permit. Their family of eight moved to Independence, Missouri when he was just ten. The move was necessary to expand his father’s business and support the growing family. He was just fourteen when his father died and growing up from that day forward was hard. It was hardest most on his mother who was left with eight kids to raise and support on her own.

He left home to join the US Air Force when he was of age and spent four years in the service. Most of his military tour was during the Vietnam era. After his military tour and with the help of the GI Bill, he worked his way through college at the University of Missouri in Kansas City where he earned his degree, a Masters in Business Administration in 1975.

He graduated and was hired into a public accounting firm where he later studied for his Certificate in Public Accounting (CPA). He held several professional positions in accounting and management including General Manager for the Board of Public Utility in Kansas City. After sixteen years experience there he accepted employment in St. Thomas, U. S. Virgin Islands where he was the Chief Financial Officer for the Water and Power Authority. His wife, Deanna enjoyed that experience for eight years before her death in January, 2004.

He moved back to the Kansas City metropolitan area to be closer to his brothers and sisters. He continues to live there and during his retirement years he picked up writing as a hobby. His main interests are genealogy, history and sports with a whimsical flare toward the arts and science.

Mr. Drake is the father of three children. The first being Terry Christine Drake who lives in Snohomish, Washington with her husband Michael Christ and their two sons Sean and Jacob. His daughter Dresden Marie Drake Goldberg lives in Tampa, Florida with her husband, Arnold Stephen Goldberg. Finally, the author’s son Brandon Lee Drake lives in Tampa, Florida just after serving eight years in the United States Navy stationed in Japan.