Terry W. Drake’s Book Collection

Seven of Terry W. Drake’s books combined in one Website!

It includes Father Damien’s War series, a book of poetry, a book on Drake’s family history as well as a book about the legendary Apache Indian, Geronimo.

Delve into author Terry W. Drake’s fictional tale about a Catholic priest who has witnessed the oppression and brutality that the German occupation has brought to his community in Sanctuary.

Embark on a new lyrical journey and adventure as Drake unleashes his poetic prowess to unveil the various aspects of human emotions in First Impressions. This book is designed to captivate the readers as they explore the human heart and uncover the essence of the soul.

Restitution continues the life of Father Damien in Bergamo, Italy toward the end of World War II as he and his groups take on more challenges – the recovery of stolen treasure, the pursuit of an archenemy and the continuing internal debate between Damien’s strong faith and his equally strong protectiveness towards his community and his sense of justice served by actual participation in violent struggle.

In the process of pursuing a cabal, The Dark Society, that smuggles World War II criminals to safer places in the world, Father John Damien and his former underground resistance group collaborate with Allied and Italian authorities – his group is commissioned to help recover lost treasure, a group specialty – and Terry W. Drake’s gripping action adventure novels that star the Catholic priest finally finds its name: Father Damien’s War.

In Father Damien’s Revenge, Father John Damien resigns his position with the church after learning the Vatican’s involvement in the escape of war criminals through the rat lines established by Bishop Alois Hudal. He moved from Bergamo, Italy to join forces with Rodolfo Siviero, secret agent of the Servizio Informazioni Militare headquartered in Florence, Italy who was also appointed as Minister Plenipotentiary. >

Father Damien’s involvement in the investigation at the Vatican College leads to a brutal beating at the direction of Bishop Hudal. Now, Father Damien is more than determined to expose their operation and take out his revenge on all that support Bishop Hudal.

Finally, join Drake in the exciting discoveries of his lineage and stories/legends attributed to ancestors in The History of the Drake Family and the Times They Lived. Starting from Amye Grenville who married John Drake IV in Charlemagne’s time, the long ribbon of family history passes through the book like a beautiful multi-colored line and echoes with family participation in many historical events.

Finally, The Bones of Geronimo is about two border patrol agents of Sierra Vista, Arizona, one of which is a descendant of Geronimo. These two agents experience the thrill of the chase to capture illegal aliens crossing the border at night. They have an outstanding arrest record for undocumented and illegal aliens in their joint portfolio. They make numerous excursions into the desert, and by campfire, Gerald Gerome Geronimo—otherwise called Jerry by his associate—tells stories of his great-grandfather, Chief Geronimo. The flashbacks to the Indian wars between the Mexican Army and the United States Army add flavor at points in the current events. They capture ten undocumented aliens and, by executive order from President Obama, are ordered to release them if they had not committed any other crime but entry into the United States.